How An Insurance Policy Works


Insurance is synonymous to a number of people sharing risks of losses that can happen from a supposed accident. Here, the prices of the losses will be borne by all the insurers.

For example, if Mr. Ram buys a new car and wants to insure it against any expected accidents. He will buy an insurance policy from an Insurance company through an insurance broker or insurance agent by paying a particular amount of money, called premium to the insurance company. The moment Mr. Ram pays the premium; the insurance company will issue an insurance policy to him. In this policy, the insurer analyses how it will pay for some or all of the losses/damages that may occur to Mr. Ram’s car.

Anyone who is insured about the insurer is referred to as insured. Other than the vehicle insurance taken by Mr. Ram on his new car, he can also decide to insure himself. This is very different as it involves a human life and is therefore termed life insurance.

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