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Analysis And Comparison Between Distributor And Franchise


A distributor and a franchise are the spreaders of products, they differ by the way they distribute the product. A distributor circulates the product by distributing, while a franchise spreads the product by extending an organization in small firms.

Role Of Distributor:

They act as a something that purchases non competing products or product ranges and sells them to retailers or straight to the consumers. They are associated to supply the range of services such as the product details, evaluations, technical support, post-sales services and credits to the customers.

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Find Out What Wholesale Distributors Can Do For You

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Not many people know, but not all retailers, large or small, get their products directly from the manufacturers. Generally, retailers use services of wholesale distributors to get the merchandises to sell to you, the end customer. These wholesale distributors will buy goods in very huge quantities directly from the manufacturer and store the goods for distribution to the retailers. It is a lot easier for retailers to get access to the products they need to sell from wholesale distributors because while they provide low wholesale rates and they also don’t require manufacturer agreements or very huge purchases that need huge warehouse facilities.

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Here Is How Distributors Can Achieve Success

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Any person who is interested in becoming a distributor, the idea can be exciting. It puts a business owner in the middle of the retail market, between the manufacturer and the consumer. However, with proper knowledge and right technique, it can be a lucrative career choice for an interested person.

Stay Updated About The Industry

The distributors in India are always in contact with the manufacturers; they are aware of the latest trends and the new product launches and know how efficiently they are performing on the market. This enables them to provide the best and most advanced products to their customers. On the other hand, they can also find out how the clients feel about various products. So, their role requires a lot of communication to improve the brand and the client experience.

If you think you would be efficient at being the connecting between the client and the manufacturer, they you can consider distributorship opportunities. Anyone working as a distributor may even get very beneficial job offers and deals that are great and lucrative.

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Businesssaathi Mobile App Launch- Find Everything Here

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Businesssaathi is glad to announce launch of its Android mobile app. The purpose of launching this mobile app is to ensure that our associates never miss a business opportunity. In today’s world of cut throat competition, when opportunities are few, it is important to always stay upbeat with the market possibilities and grab them before anyone else. And this mobile app will let you do just that.

The key features of the mobile app include:

  • Match Of The Day

Find your best matches everyday at just a click. Under this head, you will find the best matching distributors or franchisees or channel partners according to the requirement or criteria you shared on Businesssaathi. It will include details like: industry, annual turnover, investment, annual ROI %, channel type, Area and the description. This means now you don’t have to manually find a matching associate for you.

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It’s Time To Grow Your Business With Businesssaathi.com


Diversifying your business is a business has been a constant challenge for years. Entrepreneurs these days prefer the most authentic source of information in order to do business successfully and as a result, there is a huge demand for a portal that would offer reliable information of different types of business.

Businesssaathi.com is here to provide you the same. Be it finding channel partners in Indore or looking for distributors or even lucrative business opportunities in Indore, Businesssaathi.com is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for distributors, franchises to give a big push to their businesses and for people who are planning to enter into business by becoming franchisees and distributors.

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Is Buying Franchise A Rewarding Venture


There is no need to spend huge bucks on a big name when the efforts can be duplicated. If you are opting for franchises in India, you don’t actually have to start from the root level as it is already at its peak and has proved that this business idea works. A smart entrepreneur thoroughly studies the array of logistical, financial and marketing benefits offered by a franchise company before deciding the type of business to start. There are some advantages to be considered while owning a franchised business:

Advantages of taking franchises in India:

Established brand name

Building a brand is not easy and could take couple of years for a newbie to reach a level of recognition. But, when buying a franchise this feature doesn’t exist. Big brands like Parle and Liberty have already established their name in the market, so the franchise gets full advantage. Most of the franchisors are well known to public as they have survived decades already in their respective business. If the brand is recognized, so will be the franchisees, being the successful brand identities.

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Follow These Steps To Find The Right Channel Partners

The decision of marketing and selling through the channel can be challenging, because the choice you make about whom to partner with can make or break you. At almost every level you have to ensure that you have chosen the right category of partners. As you do your research to fins channel partners in Indore, you need to make sure that each partner is a good fit operationally, philosophically and in terms of ability to perform.

Below are three steps to get you started.

Start with the target audience

Everything comes back to the client, so it makes sense to begin your search by looking at their needs. When thinking about how to identify channel partners, first determine how your clients buy and use your products. Find out what is creating gaps in their experience and how it could be filled by a channel partner? What type of additional support and facilitation do they need to get access to your products more easily and freely?

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